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Content Matter Experts

Years of dedicating resources and conducting ongoing research in narrowly focused areas produces an extraordinary data base of knowledge, skills and strategies.

Sales Training International is the content matter expert in the professions of Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service.

Future visions of what selling will be like in the years to come are continuously trended and course work developed well before our competitors recognize a change has occurred.

If there is a training or consulting need in these areas, we can provide a course, module or research resource to address it.

Instructional Strategies Development

To ensure clear learning objectives are met and results are measurable, all STI programs and modules are the product of the Instructional Strategies Development (ISD) Model.

• Assessment - clearly defined needs analysis
• Design - defining the business, performance and learning objectives
• Development - writing the course content and structuring the learning activities
• Implementation - beta test, pilot and roll-out
• Evaluation - determine the extent to which the objectives are achieved at four levels:

Level 1. Participant reaction and productivity projection
Level 2. Ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills in class
Level 3. Transfer of knowledge and skill back on the job
Level 4. Business objectives achieved, R.O.I. determined

Accelerated Learning Design - Sound Instructional Methods

STI courses are available in the Accelerated Learning format. Our research shows a 47% decrease in errors during practice sessions with this model. All redeveloped and new courses are being designed to follow this advanced learning technology. Our accelerated learning design includes:

  • Overview - Transition to topic
  • Introduction - Learner objectives
  • Active presentation - Lecturette, overhead, etc.
  • Primary activation - Work through example
  • Secondary activation - Independent/group practice
  • Passive presentation - Baroque music ... option
  • Active concert - Voice surfing ... option

Modular Design

All training materials are designed in modular format. This enables us to quickly develop a targeted curriculum for customers. Other features include:

  • Diagnostic process and questionnaire to identify priority areas to strengthen that will get the biggest return in the shortest time for the least investment
  • Stand alone design
  • Modules combined and modified to address specific group needs
  • Individual skill sets from modules separated and combined as needed

ASTD-E Learning logoLibrary Certification from American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Sales Training International is one of six companies to earn the "library certification" designation from ASTD for Web-Based Training courses. This means the courses we develop meet the multi-point standards for interactivity, ability to engage the student, soundness of instructional design, and many other categories of requirements. When you review the results of successful e-Learning, our courses meet the criteria! Note: This certification by ASTD has been discontinued. However, meeting and exceeding these standards by our company has not.

Web-Based Training + Coaching

The Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service curriculums are now available online.


Additionally, for the sales and customer service courses we provide coaching materials for the trainer and manager to use to ensure skill sets are properly implemented.

Courses can be customized to suit the customer's needs. New courses can be developed using customer materials in topics ranging from product knowledge to policy and procedure.

Private sites hosted by us are also available to put your customized courses or modified curriculums.

Client hosted courses are now becoming available in SCORM 1.2 or the latest 2004 editions. Currently the full customer service library is available.

Coaching guides, job aids and other materials to help implement the skills are included at no additional charge. Coaching materials are available for the sales and customer service suites of courses.

Three Full Suites of Research Based, Objectives Driven, and Field Proven Courses

  1. The Sales Training online library of 32 courses includes individual coaching guides for many of these courses. The interactive "Sales Coach" course is also included for managers who will be coaching their own teams in the application of the knowledge, skills and strategies learned online or in the classroom. Selling is not an unskilled occupation!
  2. The Sales Management online skills development library contains eight interactive courses along with twelve important tools such as in depth interviewing forms and question pool, job description, performance appraisal ratings guide and many more.
  3. The Customer Service Skills online library has eleven interactive courses. The web-based courses include Job Aids and a coaching guide along with slide show for the supervisor/coach to use in supporting the students skill development.

SDQDiagnostic Questionnaires - Web-based

  1. The Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire (SDQ) looks at 204 observable skilled competencies in 31 different areas of selling (prospecting, value selling, closing, negotiating, etc.). It's free and online with immediate reports provided to help the participant or sales team select the courses that will provide the quickest return. The SDQ enables our clients to start with a valid competency model without spending a significant amount of money. Off-the-shelf courses have been redesigned to follow the clear patterns of skill development needs discovered from our data base of thousands of SDQ results.
  2. Strategic Sales Plan Diagnostic Checklist is used to make sure sales move forward with out missing a critical step, for curbside coaching and for conducting sales autopsies.
  3. Objections Diagnostic Checklist is designed to help uncover which of the 10 Buyer Beliefs are weak or missing that result in an objection (voiced or silent) stopping the sale.
  4. Customer Service Needs Assessment Tools including the Customer Service Diagnostic Questionnaire and the Personality Styles Inventory are also available online.

Focus on Knowledge - Skills - Strategy

Our courses are hands on skill based as differentiated from the more motivational or inspirational style talks. We teach not only "what to do" but also "how to do it." Our courses motivate because they teach skills that are based on diagnostics that in turn provide clear results for the participants. Now that's motivating. See hundreds of client quotes.

Modularized Design

Our courses are based on "Performance Objectives." That means from the diagnostics we can quickly compile the appropriate modules to create a custom curriculum for our clients. The course content can then be further customized using field examples and terminology from the field. Most courses use some form of "build a case study" tool for the practice sessions in order to personalize the training to each participants personal professional experience.

3 Value Selling Models

There are 12 Models of Selling which fall with four major categories that have developed the past 60 years. As the marketplace changes so does the need for using a sales model that fits your customers buying models. The latest model (Consultative Value Selling) for the central portion of the sales process was developed in the early 1990s and with some minor modifications continues to be the most effective model today. Sales Training International owns three state of the art value selling models:

  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T. Model
  • The A.C.E Value Assessment Model
  • FAB/TEA Value Selling Model is a basic value selling model for Call Centers and Retail sales.

Objection Prevention Strategies - Not Just Responses

New sales people often get more objections that experienced ones. How come? More experienced sales people learn to do certain things that prevent those objections from even entering the prospect's mind. We made studying this phenomena a priority and have designed our sales models to prevent most of the common sales stopping objections such as, "not interested" or "your price is too high." The logic of how this works becomes incredibly obvious once the secret is understood. "Objection Free Selling" is now readily possible.

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