Achieving Customer Service Excellence
Prospecting for New Business
Stress Control Skill Reinforcement
Telephone Etiquette Skill Reinforcement
Goal Setting - Reflect & Set
Selling at “C” Level
15 Clues that suggest an account is in trouble
Performance Appraisal
Mentally Warming Up
Young Salesman
Why Train Now?
10% - Priceless
Defusing Anger
Customer is not Always Right
Why Patience is a Sales Essential
Santa's Secret Time and Territory Plan
Top Producers are Different
Competitor Analysis and Stories from the Road
Step 12 Identify our potential and/or actual competitors (including "do nothing")
Step 11 Research Prospect's Selling Point
Step 10 Research Prospect's Business Plans
Step 9 Research Prospect's Critical Processes
Step 8 Qualify the Prospect
Step 7 Establish Trust and Rapport
Step 6 Make Contact
Step 5 Set Call Objectives
Step 4 Select methods of contact.
Pre-qualifying Prospects
Make a list of the qualifying characteristics of your most desirable customers.
Step 3. Determine entry level contact
Step 2. Specify, by decision making role, interest generating benefits.
Step 1. Identify target account based on available profiling data
Strategic Sales Plan
Developing a Sales Strategy
Ten Buyer Beliefs
Characteristics Associated with Top Sales Managers
Characteristics Associated with Top Sales Producers
12 Models of Selling
Why Learn?

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