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CSE Series iconCustomer Service Excellence Series is a two-day course that links five of the most critical customer service skills modules into one action packed course.
Telephone Etiquette course iconTelephone Etiquette helps us understand the standards we use to guide us in our interactions with our business callers. It will set the tone for the conversations to come.
Trust and Rapport course iconTrust and Rapport brings us closer to our customers. The course teaches multiple methods to establish and strengthen trust and rapport. Not much else will happen until this is accomplished.
Active Listening course iconActive Listening Skills are essential life skills. This course teaches the skills and the context in which they should be used and when they should not be used.
Problem Solving course iconProblem Solving is something we all do. Using a systematic model helps ensure we don't miss a step that could lead to solving one problem while creating another, jumping to conclusions and other similar hazards.
Defusing Anger Course iconDefusing Anger is a three step process that should be done before problem solving. To solve the problem without resolving the anger will result in a satisfied angry customer.
Stress Control course iconStress Control is a life skill that keeps the medical costs down. One research study by stress experts shows that 75% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related issues.
Managing Expectations LogoManaging Customer Expectations is usually a simple task of agreeing on what is to be done and all parties delivering on that agreement. However, when unexpected complications occur, pro-active communication, defusing negative emotions, and previously agreed upon fall-back plans can impact the service recovery outcome.

Conflict Mangaement LogoConflict Management is now recognized as a core skill set. A conflict is an emotionally charged disagreement.

If the emotion is one of positive anticipation, then synergistic solutions are the most likely outcomes. If the emotion is negative or fear based, then anger enforced impasses are the most likely outcomes.

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