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Managing expectations is usually a simple task of agreeing on what is to be done and all parties delivering on that agreement.

However, when unexpected complications occur, pro-active communication, defusing negative emotions, and previously agreed upon fall-back plans can impact the service recovery outcome.

In this course, the participant will learn:

  • Understand how expectations are defined and set from simple orders to complex projects
  • Know how to increase the strength of the expectations you set
  • Learn how meeting expectations can be as simple as following a routine process or as complex as utilizing a project management system
  • Use communications pro-actively to present project status updates, deliver good and bad news
  • Understand how loss, real or precieved triggers anger and how to defuse it
  • Re-define and re-set expectations in light of unforeseen circumstances that prevent the original expectation from being fully met
  • Debrief and evaluate performance

Course Content

  • Definitions
  • Define and set expectations - the basics
  • Define and set expectations in simple or routine situations
  • Define and set expectations in custom or complex situations
  • Meeting expectations - simple to complex situations
  • Communication Guidelines
  • Redefining expectations
  • Strategies for delivering bad news
  • Debrief and evaluate performance - with and without customer present

Course Length: 6 to 7 Hours

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