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Telephone Etiquette:

Telephone Etiquette logoDo you remember how your call was handled the last time you called a company? If it was a bad experience, you probably do. What were your thoughts about the professional nature of the company? Telephone behavior sets customer expectations of your company's ability to help. This module focuses on the necessary skills to make a positive impact.

Trust & Rapport Building

Trust and Rapport Building logoDo you ever have difficulty connecting with someone, trying to make a good first impression? Establishing trust and rapport is essential to building working relationships with customers. Without them, problem solving, providing customer service and selling become uphill battles. This module provides skills which make trust and rapport building quick and easy, even with the most difficult customers.

Active Listening Skills:

Active Listening logoEver feel like someone hears what you are saying, but isn't really listening? During conversations where important information is discussed, passively taking it all in and then attempting to provide input or carry out directions just does not work very well. For these situations, the listener must become actively involved in the listening process. This module targets Active Listening as a way to improve relationships with both internal and external customers as well as a means to reduce costly errors that result from misunderstandings.

Problem Solving:

Problem Solving logoHave you ever found yourself solving one problem and creating another? Some problems are challenges that provide opportunities for us to help our customers meet their needs. Self-esteem is directly related to your belief and confidence in your own problem solving abilities. Having a clearly-defined problem solving process will help you successfully and consistently meet the challenges you and your customers face.

Defusing Anger:

Defusing Anger logoWhen angry customers call, what is your initial response? Solve the problem? This is usually not the right strategy. Why? Have you ever heard that you cannot reason with an angry person? No matter what you do to try to satisfy the customer, the anger lingers. The strategies taught in this course enable you to help the customer release the anger and become your advocate - even if you cannot solve the problem!

All participants receive workbooks to guide learning and job aids to reinforce the skills back at work.

Teaching Schedule:

There are two popular ways in which this series is taught.

1) For larger groups (two or more classes), teach just the first module once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Schedule as many classes as necessary to complete the training for the targeted audience for the first module.Next, schedule an equal number of classes for the second module one to two weeks out. Continue with this scheduling sequence until all classes are scheduled. During the week(s) between classes the participants' supervisors can monitor for knowledge, skill and strategy usage and mastery. Schedule two or more make up classes using the two day model below. This way, those that missed a class and those that need to repeat a class will have the opportunity to sit in on the appropriate module.

2) The two day model involves teaching the full sequence of modules back to back over two days. Repeat as many classes as needed to train the entire target audience.

Course Length: Two days.

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