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It only takes remembering how your calls were handled at a few companies you have called, to understand the importance of Telephone Etiquette. Telephone behavior sets customer expectations of your company's ability to help. This Telephone Etiquette course provides the necessary guidelines to ensure a positive impact to all callers.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Answer the phone within the recommended maximum number of rings
  • Know that customers begin to get upset after the maximum number of rings
  • Make a positive welcoming impression on customers with voice and greeting
  • Know how to affect voice tones and the impact they have on the customer
  • Know how to address customers
  • Know when and how to put customers "on-hold" and how to take them "off-hold"
  • Know the maximum time intervals in which customers can be left "on-hold"
  • Take messages that provide the critical information needed for an appropriate call back
  • End calls positively and efficiently with "long-winded" customers
  • Make customers feel glad the called

Course Content

Incoming Call Guidelines

  • Maximum rings before answering
  • Opening remarks
  • Voice tones that welcome
  • Addressing the customer by name

Putting the Caller "On-Hold" guidelines

  • How to put a caller on-hold
  • Maximum length of time on-hold
  • Taking the caller off-hold

Taking messages Guidelines

  • Getting critical details
  • What to say about returning the call

Closing the Call Guidelines

  • Ending the call efficiently
  • Making callers feel glad they called

Course Length: 3 to 4 Hours

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