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Trust and Rapport Building
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Establishing trust and rapport is essential to building a working relationship with customers. Without it, problem solving, providing customer service and selling, become uphill battles. This module will introduce skills which help make trust and rapport building quick and easy with almost every customer.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of establishing trust and rapport
  • Avoid sympathy and understand why it can cause mental exhaustion
  • Know how to use empathy productively
  • Learn to understand the situation (presenting problem) from the customer's perspective
  • Efficiently find common ground with customer to establish trust and rapport
  • Pace, mirror and match to quickly create a rapport with the customer
  • Communicate understanding of the situation from the customer's perspective to gain trust and the "right to be heard"
  • Know the three primary attitudes that block trust and rapport
  • Know how to counter trust and rapport blockers
  • Demonstrate that the first and last thing a customer will see and hear is a smile

Course Content


  • Trust and rapport
  • Empathy and sympathy


  • Establishing common ground
  • pacing - speech, emotion, personality
  • Developing psychological truth

Rapport Blockers & Counter Blockers

  • Not caring - empathetic caring
  • Blaming - objective fact finding
  • Acting superior - problem solving

Course Length: 1 to 2 Hours

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