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The sales manager's number one responsibility is to get results through the efforts of others. His/her legacy is made and told by the extent to which he or she is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force. In the end nothing else will matter.

Sales Managers Legacy iconLegacy course for Sales Managers contains four critical modules related to developing and leading a winning sales team - Interviewing, Selecting and Hiring, Leading and Motivating, Sales Coaching and Performance Appraisal.
Sales Coach iconSales Coach provides the tools to know what to coach, when to coach and howto coach including formal coaching, curbside coaching and peer-to-peer methods. Maximize your ability to "get results through the efforts of others."
Reseller Strategy iconReseller Strategy provides a systematic process to identify and select resellers appropriate to your company and a powerful involvement techniques to make sure your Value Added Reseller or distributor is working hard for you.
Strategic Sales Plan iconStrategic and Tactical Planning for Business Development starts with formulating the vision, mission and guiding principles for the sales department/team. From the mission you derive your critical success factors. From the critical success factors, the strategies, tactics and measurements can be defined. From the tactics and measurements you write the goals with action plans and resource needs.
Interview Selecting iconInterviewing, Selecting and Hiring is one of most critical jobs a sales manager has to perform. Making errors on the front end can be very expensive. A "criteria driven" interviewing process can reduce errors by as much as 42%.
Project Management iconProject Management provides the tools and "know how" to orchestrate a project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

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