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Identify high potential candidates, regardless of their experience levels, by discovering key characteristics associated with top producers and by matching corporate cultures and organizational structures, selling skills models and selling styles.

The criteria driven interviewing process advocated in this program removes many of the errors caused by using only the applicant's resume to guide the interview. With the criteria driven approach, the resume is viewed as just one of several pieces of information.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Know the key characteristics associated with top producers
  • Identify highly potential candidates regardless of previous experience
  • Be able to define the capabilities necessary to succeed in your sales position
  • Differentiate between resume based and criteria driven interviewing
  • Determine if candidates are likely to fit within the established corporate culture
  • Develop knock-out questions to streamline the interview process
  • Design the criteria "T" form
  • Understand the legal implications of questions that impact protected groups
  • Select from a question pool to formulate questions that determine sales abilities
  • Construct a candidate folder with all pertinent information to guide the interview
  • Locate qualified candidates
  • Review the fundamentals of conducting successful employment interviews
  • Select the best candidate based on objective criteria

Course Content

  • Key Characteristics of Top Producers
  • Resume versus Criteria Based Interviewing
  • Steps in the Criteria Driven System
  • Questions you can and cannot ask
  • The Interview Question Pool
  • Candidate Folder
  • Locate the candidates
  • Conduct the interview
  • Most common interviewing errors
  • Make the selection

Course Length: 1 Day>

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