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When we promote our best sales people into management it is not without risk. The knowledge and skills necessary to be a good manager are different that those needed to be a top sales producer.The Legacy workshop is focused on developing the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary to transition a sales team into a dynamic, productive force. The Sales Manager's legacy is made and told by the extent to which s/he is able to develop a highly skilled and productive sales force. In the end, nothing else will matter.

Interviewing, Selecting, Hiring and Evaluating

  • Identify high potential candidates regardless of previous experience
  • Uncover key characteristics associated with top producers
  • Match selling skills models and styles
  • Determine corporate culture fit with candidate's usual mode of operation

Leading and Motivating

  • Ignite and unify a singleness of purpose
  • Establish a strong achievement driven sales culture
  • Create a motivational environment
  • Develop goals and action items in alignment with department vision and mission

Sales Coaching

  • Know "what" to coach using the Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire
  • Know "how" to coach using a brief six step coaching model
  • Facilitate "Peer-to-Peer" coaching
  • Increase self-directed growth and development

Performance Appraisal

  • Work from a master list of 41 different performance areas to select, prioritize and evaluate
  • Be able to recognize and define different levels of performance
  • Use both a subjective and a numeric scale to compare and contrast performance
  • Use the Continuous Performance Improvement Goals process to schedule, motivate and track improvement in specific areas
  • Use a comprehensive evaluation rating scale that includes example behaviors for each level of performance

Course Length: Two days

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