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Have you ever wondered why some distributors are quick to focus their selling efforts on your behalf, while others just don't seem to get around to pulling your products out of the bag?

Reseller = Distributor, Jobber, Wholesaler, Manufacturer's Rep, Value Added Reseller, Retailer

This highly interactive consulting, training and coaching session will focus on:

  • Identifying and problem solving your key reseller issues
  • Manufacturer - reseller- customer - interaction structure
  • Profiling the ideal reseller based on key success characteristics
  • Developing the marketing, prospecting, selling and customer service add-on selling and servicing plan
  • The triad of performance - how much do you own?
  • Determining current and ideal depth of involvement with the reseller's organization based on your capabilities and the reseller's capabilities
  • What resellers must know before they can sell hard
  • Reseller noise and why you want it blaring
  • Conducting "real time" Priority Prospect/project (P3) Coaching and Strategy Sessions
  • Using P3 to train and coach for optimal performance and significantly increase the accuracy of your sales forecasts

Course Content

  • Current Challenges
  • Manufacturer - Reseller - Customer Interaction Structures (flow charts)
  • Level of Company Involvement
  • Profile "End Use" Customer
  • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Capabilities
  • Profile of Reseller
  • Triad of Performance
  • What Resellers Need to Know to Sell Hard
  • Generating Reseller Noise
  • Priority Prospect/Project (P3) Strategy Sessions
  • Master Strategic Sales Plan

Course Length: 2 Days

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