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Strategic and Tactical Planning for Business Development

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The plan starts with vision, mission and guiding principles. From the mission you derive your critical success factors. From the critical success factors, the strategies, tactics and measurements can be defined. From the tactics and measurements you write the goals with action plans and resource needs.

The strategies and tactics found in your critical success factors cascade to others to carry out. In this way, missions are defined. From these missions, the core objectives and goals can be defined and action plans written.

Carrying out the action items constitute the daily activities of your human resources. In this way, each person's activities are directly linked to carrying out the mission of the organization.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Create the vision, define the mission and clarify the guiding principles for the business development function (mission) of your organization
  • Identify your critical success factors, strategies and measures of achievement
  • Conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis for business development critical success factors
  • Match internal strengths with external opportunities and internal weaknesses with external threats
  • Classify business opportunities and protective actions against threats
  • Move tactics to objectives to goals, then define action plans, resources and measurements

Materials to Bring:

In order to facilitate this session, certain materials are useful to have on hand if they are available. These include:

  • Company vision, mission, guiding principles, critical success factors
  • Previous strategic and tactical plans for either your department or the company
  • Annual report of other information that helps define the direction the company is taking
  • Industry reports that help define the present state of the industry and/or future prospects for the industry

Course Length: 2 Days

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