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Organizing and allocating priority time to selling activities is one of the greatest challenges facing the profession of selling. Time spent on non-sales activities, excessive windshield time, crisscrossing and back tracking territories, making frequent in-person calls on low lifetime value accounts, hitting the road at the smallest expression of interest, and many others, drive territory management related sales costs past the limits of common sense.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Differentiate selling from non-selling activities
  • Determine work load factors related to the golden hours of selling
  • Identify and classify accounts and prospects by sales potential
  • Travel the territory in the most time efficient manner
  • Set call priorities and frequencies
  • Understand how to use a time management system
  • Plan and construct annual account/prospect call schedule

Course Content

  • Territory Design
  • Changes and Challenges
  • Time and Territory Management Steps
  • Decision Maker Roles
  • Account Profile
  • General Prospects
  • Plotting Priority Prospects
  • Account Management
  • Traveling the Territory
  • Know when an account is in trouble
  • Time Management
  • Time versus Workload
  • Sales and Non-Sales Activities
  • Ratio Management
  • Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan
  • Re-Distributing Resources
  • Sales Process – Strategic Sales Plan
  • Priority Prospect / Project (P3) strategy sessions

Materials Needed:

This is a hands-on workshop that will result in the development of an individualized plan of action. To accomplish this objective, the participant should bring to the session:

  • Client list, with address or map location code
  • Prospect list (with address or code)
  • Map of territory
  • Calendar currently being used

Course Length 1/2 Day or 1 Day

Special Note:

Time and Territory Management can be taught in a half-day format with limited hands-on work. During the full-day session, maps can be used to plot accounts and prospects, territory potential will be calculated using market share, closing ratios and call frequencies.

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