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4 1/2 Days of Learning - 12 Months of Follow-up

Ongoing research with 120+ client companies across industries resulted in the identification and definition of 53 steps in the strategic sales process. Analyzing lost sales shows that most of the time (so far 100%), one or more of the critical steps were not completed. Making sure every critical step is completed and making sure we have multiple ways of implementing each step is the foundation upon which the Sales Professional's Academy is built.

This course teaches the knowledge, skills and strategies to implement each of the steps in the Master Strategic Sales Plan.

Special Notes

  • Without some form of checklist, few people can remember 53 steps, and moreover, we all get stalled from time to time, when our tried and true method of implementation falls short.
  • Not all steps are completed on all sales by the sales professional. Often the customer completes many of these steps on their own. Once a sales plan is developed for a particular type and size of sale, then those steps become the core for that sales situation.
  • Time to complete the process can be as short as five minutes or as long as three years. Most business to business sales average one to five hours actual customer contact time. During this time all critical steps are completed.
  • The Academy follows each step in the 53 step master strategic sales plan and provides the knowledge, skills and strategies to implement each step.
  • Our follow-up is unprecedented in the industry. We offer telephone and mail consultations, newsletters and client web sit access, where sales help for any selling situation is available.

Included are complete learning tools for:

  • Prospecting and Account Penetration
  • Value Selling Strategies P.R.O.S.P.E.C.T.™ Model
  • Criteria Driven Presentations and Proposals
  • Interim Action Planning
  • Objection Preventing and Responding
  • Principled Negotiations
  • Goal Setting for Sales Professionals

Training With a Measurable ROI

Participants use their actual sales opportunities in the learning process and will leave with strategic plans necessary to acquire those accounts.

This course provides a fast way for Sales Professionals to get a comprehensive set of basic, advanced and state-of-the-art knowledge, skills and sales strategies that will result in immediate increases in profitable productivity.

Training Time and Location

The 4.5 day Academy is offered as a private training course at a suitable location of your choice.

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