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ACE Value Selling is based on a sales model that will quickly identify needs, establish the value of the solution and set expectations for the solution that only the seller can meet.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to set priority appointments
  • Use voice mail as an effective advertisement that will generate call backs
  • Rapidly establish trust and rapport
  • Qualify prospects and identify key decision makers
  • Convert screeners and gatekeepers into coaches
  • Prevent common initial contact objections ("not interested." "already have someone," etc.)
  • Quickly identify needs only you can fill
  • Prevent the price objection
  • Use "add-on" selling procedures to grow the sale and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Structure the sales interaction around major closing strategies

Course Content

  • Profile the customer
  • Research buying motives
  • Contact by telephone
  • Voice mail strategies
  • ACE Value Selling Model
  • Add-on selling
  • Closing strategies
  • Objection Prevention and Response
  • ACE checklist

Course Length: Two to Three day versions based on emphasis and experience level of sellers

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