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Competitor Analysis Strategy Session
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What makes you different? Why should I buy from you?

Can you readily answer these questions? Can you readily quantify the value of your answers? If not, then the Competitor Analysis Strategy Session is imperative for you.

Clearly, if you are going to sell successfully against the competition, then you must know the competitor's strengths and weaknesses. Only when you know this can you find ways to neutralize their advantages and sell your strengths that directly counter their weaknesses.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the competitor's customer perceived advantages. The Objections you get come from your competitor's perceived advantages
  • Use a master list of 85 common sales stopping objections with pre-developed prevention and response strategies to prevent or respond to these objections
  • Develop ways to neutralize these advantages to disarm the objections and balance the equation
  • Identify the competitor's weaknesses where you have opposing strengths. These opposing strengths are your unique and distinctive selling points
  • Develop a Competitive Selling Strategy Book
  • Have the ammunition to sell competitively

Course Content

  • Competitor to Product/service Matrix
  • Competitor Analysis Quadrants
  • Objections Quadrant
  • Neutralize, Prevent and/or Respond to Competitor Created objections
  • Competitor's Weaknesses
  • Unique and Distinctive Selling Points
  • Creating Objections for Your Competitors
  • Competitive Selling Strategy Book

Course Length: 1 Day

Special Note:

Once the initial training is conducted, we can help you complete the competitor analysis process for all competitors and all product/services.

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