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Motivation to achieve comes from having a clear target, developing a burning desire, creating an action plan, and allocating the resources to make the goal a reality.

Goals that are too easy to achieve do not motivate. Goals that are not achievable de-motivate. Goals that cause the person to "stretch" are goals that motivate.

Companies should support goals that are in direct alignment with the mission of the person's position. When Sales Professionals build goals packages that enhance their ability to succeed in carrying out their mission, then everyone benefits.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Define the Sales Professional's mission
  • Write the core mission based objectives to be accomplished
  • Add a time-limited measurable goal to the objective to create a realistic goal statement
  • Develop and schedule an action plan to achieve the goal
  • Identify and procure resources needed to achieve the goal
  • Set up a control document to track and measure progress

Course Content

  • Mission Statement
  • Core Objectives
  • Measurable Target (goal)
  • Deployment Strategy
  • Control Documents
  • Setting Priorities
  • Goals Action Planner

Course Length: Half Day

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