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Keeping the funnel filled with qualified prospects requires that multiple methods of contact be used with a planned and measurable implementation schedule. Whether you are prospecting to penetrate and grow a current client base, or you are seeking new customers, the knowledge and skills of prospecting are essential to the profession of selling.

Prospecting methods can be active or passive. Using multiple methods in a targeted market segment produces a leveraging effect that can significantly increase prospecting effectiveness.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Construct a profile of you most profitable customers
  • Identify resources to locate prospects that meet that profile
  • Identify the six decision making roles involved in your sales
  • Learn how to turn screeners into coaches
  • Use four powerful methods to quickly establish trust and rapport
  • Use six effective active and passive contact methods to generate a stream of qualified prospects
  • Select from five advanced lead generating methods to develop high level contacts
  • Structure prospecting methods to prevent most common initial contact objections
  • Use a contact and opportunity management system to prevent priority prospects from falling through the cracks
  • Learn how to use Account Management process for retention and penetration
  • Develop a 12 month prospecting plan that will leverage your efforts, track your results and establish your ratios

Prospecting - The Life Blood of Selling

Nowhere else can you get this comprehensive package of prospecting methodology, knowledge, skills and hands-on application to help you generate more than enough qualified leads to keep your funnel full.

Course Content

  • Profile the Prospects
  • Building Lists of Leads
  • Six Fundamental Contact Methods
  • Generating High Level Contacts - more contact methods
  • Account Management
  • Contact and Opportunity Management
  • Ratio Management
  • Initial Contact Objections

Course Length: Two Days

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