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The principles that guide negotiations must be singularly focused on producing win-win solutions. No other option is acceptable. Trust and distrust are removed from the equation by using criteria for selecting an outcome based on mutually acceptable standards to define value.

Using real life work situations, the participants will develop a case study of an actual situation requiring negotiation. The program will provide tools to successfully negotiate to a win for both parties, insuring fair margins and future opportunities.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Differentiate Adversarial and Principled negotiations
  • Learn multiple ways to establish power in negotiations
  • Recognize common adversarial techniques and how to defuse them
  • Use the "Needs, Interests, Wants" model to develop negotiation strategies
  • Understand and use the principles that guide negotiations
    • Principle # 1: Know the options - yours and theirs
    • Principle # 2: Know what you have to negotiate
    • Principle # 3: Transition non-negotiable "position statements" into negotiable "statements of interest"
    • Principle # 4: Identify and set "standards of legitimacy" to establish value
    • Principle # 5: Set criteria for re-selecting options
    • Principle # 6: Present solutions that meet the criteria
    • Principle # 7: Never give in to pressure; only to principle
  • Use the negotiations checklist to prepare for any type or size negotiations

Course Content

  • Definitions - Adversarial / Principled Negotiations
  • Means to Establish Power
  • Ways to counter adversarial tactics
  • Motivation to Negotiate
  • Seven Principles to Guide Negotiations

Course Length: 2 days

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