OBJECTIONS - Preventing and Responding
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A fundamental principle of the quality process is to prevent errors. In selling, objections are process errors. Once an objection occurs, the next step is to work back up stream to find the root cause, then develop a way to prevent it from occurring again. Continually getting the same objections, that cost sale after sale, signal the need to develop effective prevention and response strategies.

There are ten different categories of objections. Sales Professionals hear the same ten objections stated a dozen different ways. Continuous infield research clearly demonstrated that once a strategy has been developed to prevent and respond to three or four objections in a specific category, then all objections in that category are handled.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Differentiate objections, conditions and resistance
  • Know which objections to expect in each sales situation
  • Learn the ten buyer beliefs, that when missing, cause objections
  • Identify which buyer beliefs are missing by types of objections
  • Develop strategies to put the buyer beliefs in place that will prevent the objections you get
  • Use the three step Objection Response Strategy to develop effective preemption strategies and responses
  • Construct a personalized Objections Strategy Book

Course Content

  • Objections You Get
  • Origin of Objections - Missing Buyer Beliefs
  • Categorized List of 85 Common Objections
  • Objection Prevention Strategies
  • Objection Preemption and Response Strategies
  • Transition Sentences
  • Phrases of Persuasion
  • Objections Strategy Book

Course Length: 1 Day

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