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The Tactical Training curriculum is custom built for our clients from our resources of skills development modules. The modules to include in your training are determined by the needs and priorities identified by the Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire or one of our representatives for sales management and customer service needs.

When the results of the needs analysis indicate that specific modules are clearly the highest priority, then we can, at a very minimal cost, construct a custom curriculum for you. We can even customize the content, insert your company information, and develop custom case studies. We have great flexibility and the capability to respond fast.


  1. Conduct a needs analysis using the Sales Diagnostic Questionnaire online or one of our representatives for sales management and customer service needs
  2. We review the graphs and reports to make initial recommendations for training
  3. We will work with you to develop an outline of modules, content, training time required, costs and options
  4. Phone consultation to discuss any concerns, options, methods of delivery (i.e., Train-the-Trainer, e-Learning) timing issues and course content customization that would increase the impact of the training session
  5. Curriculum development and customization as needed are then completed
  6. Draft development and customer review are next in the process
  7. Set training dates and finalize logistics

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