ASTD Certification Institute’s e-Learning
Courseware Certification (ECC) Fact Sheet


Courseware Certification Discontinued

The ASTD, now ATD, course certification has been discontinued. Sales Training International continues to build courses to exceed the standards set by this program, as well as, continue to adopt new standards as they are introduced.

A Snapshot of the e-Learning Marketplace

With more than 650,000 e-learning courses on the market, and the introduction of thousands of new courses per year, the e-learning industry is expected to continue to grow in size and in diversity of products offered. Information technology, business management skills and soft skills are predicted to dominate among new product offerings.

According to a Forrester Research survey of senior-level executives from companies that provide services, consulting and technologies:

The ASTD Certification Institute, Transforming the E-Learning Industry

As the recognized leader in learning and performance, ASTD established the ASTD Certification Institute to launch the first and only E-Learning Courseware Certification (ECC) program.

 What is the E-Learning Courseware Certification (ECC)?

Designed for asynchronous (custom and off-the-shelf) Web-based and multimedia courses, the E-Learning Courseware Certification (ECC) recognizes courses that excel in usability and instructional design. Evaluated against a set of standards developed by the ASTD Certification Standards Committee, courses that receive certification will stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. The ECC sets the standard for quality instruction, inciting users to demand only ECC courses and encouraging course publishers to release only courses that have been certified by the ASTD Certification Institute. When you see this seal you'll know that the course demonstrates the characteristics of excellent instruction.

  If You Are a Course Publisher, the ECC will help you:

 If You Are a Trainer or User of e-learning courseware, the ECC will help you: