Why Train Now?
By Dr. Bob DeGroot, President, Sales Training International

We now live in a new reality. World events restrict travel, weak economies restrict budget, and lowered staffing levels restrict time!

However, in spite of all that, postponing training is not an option for high performing companies or companies that want to keep a competitive edge.

"Companies that invest above the average in employee learning outperform the stock market by more than 45%. Those that don't under perform by 22%." (ASTD / Bassi, 2000)

"Companies that invest above the average in employee learning have 58% higher sales per employee than those who invest below the average." (Training & Development, 1998)

"The average business in the US spends 2% of payroll on the direct costs of employee training. The top performing organizations spend between 3.5% to 5%." (ASTD Learning Outcomes Report 2000 and Training Magazine 2002.

This simply means that we have to begin to learn how to learn in a way that will recognize this new reality and a way that is capable of producing results similar to that which can be achieved in the classroom.

The answer that is now meeting these expectations is Web-based e-Learning.

"Evidence exists that e-Learning results in an equal or greater quality of learning over traditional instruction. The reason: e-Learning is more interactive, hence more learning is recalled." (IOMA 2002)

e-Learning blended with instructor led coaching and practice sessions provides a learning experience superior to than either method can produce on their own. Learn content online and refine the skills in a facilitated coaching session that can often be done by phone. Get better results for less than half the cost in less than half the time.

"Corporations save between 50% and 70% when they replace instructor-based training with e-learning." (IOMA 2002)

"Computer-based training also requires less training time compared with instructor-led training" (IOMA 2002). Study by Dow Chemical demonstrated that, "…the online training requires 40% to 60% less time than classroom time." "The amount of reduction ranges from 20% to 80%, with 40% to 60% as the most common." (Brandon-Hall.com 2002)

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